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The "recipe" for success

First of all, i want to tell you that there is no standard recipe for success. What works for me, maybe won`t work for you and what work for you maybe won`t work for me. So what i understood in the last years is that you have to know yourself. Knowing yourself is giving you power.

You have to go deep in your thoughts, your behaviour and understand you. You have to see what kind of person you are, maybe you`re spiritual, psychologic, empathic, maybe you like or not to work with people, if you`re introvert or extrovert, if you are attracted in science domain or another area, what are your values and outlines.

Figure out what kind of person you are, you`ll have a clear image of what you can or can`t do, what you want to do and what you don't want to do. So starting from this, you`ll know how to manage your qualities and defects, work with them, develop what is good and discipline the „bad” in you. Every person, every situation, everything is created from good and bad, from positive and negative, from contrasts.

There is day but night too, there is sun but moon too, there is strength but weakness too, you just have to understand, accept and work from what you have to achieve your goals. Start by notice yourself, as a person, as a woman/man, as a child, as a worker, observe your mind, your strategy, your behaviour ... and peek a look at your soul.

We are different versions of ourselves in this life. Depend of what we live, we see, we understand and experiences we have, we are in continuously changing and learning.

So start with this ... start with you.

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