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Rubber Hair Ties - it really works!!!

With long time ago i discovered rubber hair ties, i fell in love with them and i gave up at my old, classic, standard hair ties. These are lovely, very good and lots of colors. I wear only black, cause i love black, but i saw lots of colors and i think are gorgeous.

There are 2 types – small ones and bigger ones. Both are very good, depends of you what you wanna choose.

The only problem with these hair ties is that in time will increase and become bigger and not so tight.

But .. i have the solution.

I saw on TikTok someone who boiled water and put them in hot water and they returned to their initial form. So because i am very very curious i made this home and guess what .. it really works.

This helped me because i put all my hair ties and now they will live longer so i hope will help you too.

You can try this home and tell me how it worked <-


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