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The Glam Land Beauty Blog

My writing journey

I was 8 years old and I used to do rhymes. It sounded good and funny and I use to do this even today when I hear some words or sentences. Was an audition at school and wrote some poetries and I know that was the moment when I figure out that I like to write and I can write pages on different subjects. At school when we had to do compositions, I remember that i could wrote one page starting from one sentence.

I had some flashes in my life that I have to be a writer but never thought at this so seriously (even one of my biggest dream is to write a book). Outside writing I also have a very rich imagination and also do so many scenarios about everything I see or I hear and also I loooove to give human trait to objects. So always I make my friends laugh about all this funny stuff that I say and imagine, so in my mind appear this idea to make a blog.

At first, when people told me that I should make a blog and write, I was thinking to write my life, my thoughts and motivational quotes, but I didn`t knew who will read and be interested in this kind of content but after ages I realized that how I need this, there are people who need too a little bit of stories and understanding, then I thought I can also write about beauty, makeup, products, tips & tricks and all those girlish stuffs, because we, women have such a big curiosity about everything, like to do research and we like that feeling that we are part of a community with same interests.

All the time I`ve been interested in beauty products, I like to try them and discover all kind of combination that works and make me feel and look better. When I decide to make a makeup course I was thinking that i`ll find a lot of information and good products that will make me have a better skin, beside the artistic area. But the weirdo thing for me, was that I became more interested in skin care and I realized this is such an important thing and we don`t realize it so good. So I decide to write about this, try to send you the information that I found and also try to find from you, girls, some information that I don`t know and make us look good at any time from day and night.

I try through writing to educate girls and make them discover their real essence. With skin care, makeup, spirituality, pshychology, recommendations and how I can and feel, because I think we all are here to improve our lives and our living. Let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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