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My makeup journey

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

That one day in my life I promised will come and i`ll go at a course, came after many years, like 7 - 8 years, many thoughts, experiences and so on. I went at a basic course but I didn`t start work after it, then choose to go at some seminars, after 7 months from first course, I went at another course, then come summer and had some clients. In August went at another course where I learnt to do eyebrows, went to some masterclasses and then at exactly 1 year from the second course I moved to the UK, thinking that i`ll go there and do this as a job.

I don` know who is reading this, what activity you have, if you`re freelancer or have a job, or both and really doesn`t matter for me this, but I want to tell you that if you are struggling with a rough situation in your career, I understand you, I know is hard, but you have to keep going.

You see, at my beginning, people didn`t understood why I keep going at courses, why I am blocked, why I don`t exercise, why I do that thing or another thing and they were judge me almost all the time. I had a vision. My vision. I just looked at pictures on google, facebook, instagram and so on and I was like ohh ok, I like this look, is my kind of vision, but how the fuck I get this ? Because I just couldn`t figure out step by step what I have to do to get the look. So I was going at all this seminars because I was hoping maybe, maaayyybeeeeeeeeeeee I just get a hint, a tip, a trick, something.

After the period with courses and so on, I just moved on social media and I chose to follow makeup artists who were doing this in the style that I want to, watching lots of youtube tutorials and get some online courses. Moving to social media I figure out that I start to see what is good, what is wrong, understand better and knew kinda good the theory of makeup. So I thought ok, I made courses, I know theory, I can`t say my makeups are disasters .. then what`s wrong with me?

I can`t tell what was wrong with me because I don`t have a clear reason, but I think was a mix between fear, scare, the challenge of changing career, those questions if I do well or wrong, if clients would like my work, if they don`t like my work how i`ll manage this, if the makeup is lasting many hours, what if the lashes are falling, what if x 1000000 times.

So what I want to tell you is that if you feel overhelmed, it`s ok, this is part of the process and if you feel like people are not understand you, think that we are different and nobody can`t understand you 100% if isn`t in your shoes. Just be strong and keep going.

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