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My history

When I was little, I was very creative, I was singing, dancing, writing, wanted to be an actress and want to study psychology. None of these happened, because my mom always told me that art isn`t a real job, and I should find an activity safe, sure and stable.

I get readjusted to administrative stuff, because I was also very organized and I was kinda obsessed with the order and papers. Start working at 16 in advertising, merchandising and sales. I`ve been learning some good ideas, tips and tricks and was an interesting experience. But I knew that I won`t do that for the rest of my life.

I went to University, get a Bachelor`s Degree in Administrative Sciences and followed two Master`s Degree, one in management and the other one on business consultancy. While I was studying, I get a job as a secretary and I learned lots of stuffs about administrative domain, about papers, I learned to communicate, to work with people, to write texts for a variety of purposes, to work both individually and as a team, learned to analyze, organize and prioritize responsibilities and also get used to develop and implement a project. Everything good, liked my job, but I didn`t liked so much the people I was working with because were so stressed and they stressed me too.

At one moment I start working in parallel at events, in weekends, doing face & body painting for kids, creative workshops and other activities very artistic. That was a period when I realized that I won`t work in administrative domain forever. I start a makeup course and after finished it, in two days I had to quit my job.

So no job, doing events only in weekends, had a makeup course that didn`t helped me at all and no idea what will happened with my life.

Was September 2018 and I knew that the events will end, will come winter season, no jobs, no projects, no ideas. I had a sad and depressed period, trying to figure out what I want to do and what can make me happy.

I start going to a psychologist, I was reading lots of books about life, inspiration, motivation, success, universe, karma, God and the list can go on. I had the feeling that I was in the middle of nowhere, starts the storm and I couldn`t see nothing forward.

I knew that I didn`t want to look anymore for a job, I couldn`t do makeup because I was feeling so blocked, I wanted to do decorations and services for events but I hadn`t money to invest, I had a relationship where I felt that I`m not giving and receiving love and all the information I was getting from books and internet were unsatisfactory and couldn`t know how to reach the light.

So in that moment I decide to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just to give up and watch the life how`s going. I took care of me, I start to get long walks, looking at sky and nature, going to park with hammock, get long bath with candles, sleeping a lot and relaxing my neurons.

After a period of time with me, I felt like I start to know my soul, my edges, my essence and I discovered that all information I had from books and psychologist, starts to settle down and helped me to became a calm and wiser person. I went through winter, spring and summer with attitude that I have to accept the life as is comes and this helped me very much and made me felt as i`ll start a new chapter in my life and become a new version of me.

So this is what I am doing now ...

I am a work in progress …

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