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MUA Life - Lost motivation, how i bring it back ?

Scenario: you decided to be a makeup artist, made a basic course, improvement course, masterclasses, you watch tutorials, followed preffered mua`s, joined makeup communities and groups, exercise on your face, friends and family. Sometimes you have clients, sometimes you just struggle to understand the marketing & advertising industry and how this can help you promote your work and reach more clients.

Then you woke up one day and noticed you are less excited, following by another day and so on.

You ask yourself: what happened? I LOST MY MOTIVATION ?

We all have ups and downs, bad days and different moods but all depend of how we react at what happened in life. Sometimes you just want to stay there in a corner, sometimes you are in a hurry to get rid of this situation.

What I want to say to you – IT`S OK TO FEEL LIKE SHIT SOMETIMES. Really.

The life is not coming with a user manual, people around you are just talking without knowing how is being in your shoes, sometimes you are tired and overwhelmed and you ask yourself how i`ll get my strenght back.

It`s hard for everybody no matter the gender, the job or the age. But what are you doing when you are a self-employed and everything around depends of you and just one wrong decision can affect your whole life?

I`ve been through this many times at a personal level but also professional and I can tell you the power is in your mind but you have to learn to use it and benefit from it.

I`ll let you a list with things that might help you:

- Wake up early - I never been a morning person and I know is difficult to do this but since I changed my schedule I noticed i feel better and I have all day to do a lot of things

- Workout - I am that kind of person who make subscription at gym and all the time I quit, but I realised I don`t have to go at a gym and be super sportive, I just need to find those activities good for me. You can do squats and crunches at home, start with few and increase from time to time,

this can take like 10 minutes and make you feel great. Another activity i started to do in pandemic was to run. I started with 2 km and now i run everyday 4,5 km. Makes me feel great and more motivated

- Be orderly and organized - make your bed, clean your room and house, structure everything and just keep it that way. Make lists with to do things, make research and try to accomplish them step by step. This will makes you feel more confident and motivated

- Work and live smart - find your own ways to do things and use the technology to simplify your life. A simple app, social media or online shopping/payments can makes your life easier but you have to know what`s worths and what not

- Know yourself - it`s very important to know how you react in certain situations so I advice you to try new things, leave the comfort zone, say yes more often and just notice yourself. In this manner you`ll know what`s your style and how to approach different people, jobs, activities and so on

- Pay attention to your health - nowdays people are chasing money without thinking a certain activity can damage the body on long term. Pay attention to environment and listen to your body. Try to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, take vitamins and pamper yourself from time to time. Also be careful at mental health, lots of people suffer of depression and live in sadness. Go to a therapist, read books, learn something new, make a hobby and be grateful for small things. Do more of what makes your soul happy

- Surround yourself with people you can learn from is better to be a fool among the wise, than be a wise among the fools. Try to meet people with vision, confident, smart and learn from them. Also try to learn from others mistakes).

- Be perseverent - it`s better to have a purpose and go slowly, than go fast to nowhere. Set a goal and work everyday for your dream. If you need to, change the plan but never the goal

Do you ever lost your motivation? Do you have a story to tell me? Comment below and let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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