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Learning from animals

I have a story that start from my litlle dog and i know you`ll say i am crazy but i think this is kinda a new perspective to think at. My dog have 13 years old, i took her from street when i was in highschool and always she had an aggressive attitude that hides scare and fear. I think she`s scared not to be abandoned again so she`s very watchful with everything.

One day i was going out with her and almost always she`s having the same route, is avoiding some areas and is very stubborn. So we were going on this route and at the corner of our block of flats are 2 ways. Everytime she`s sitting there some minutes and she`s looking at that way which she does not choose but is looking like „ohh i`d like to go there but i am scared, what if i go, but maybe not” ...

Till now i didn`t pay so much attention, i said she`s moodiness, but this time i looked at her like at a scared baby. I stayed there and i observed her and i swear i was feeling what was in her little and furry head.

She was thinking: „in the left is my way to home, i know it, is safe, is ok .. but what is there? I`m always coming here and i am somehow attracted but i am afraid to try, but i`m not sure what to do..” .. after some minutes, decided to go some steps to the unknown but return quickly to the safe.

In that moment i had a flash and i thought that, we, people were doing the same thing in some moments in our life, when we have to choose between safe and risk. We stay, looking, analyze and we`d like to take the risk but we don`t choose it because our fears and the scenarious from our head.

There was no one on the road, no danger, but her little furry head thought „if I go on the road and something happens, if I go on the road and the block falls, if I go on the road and a big and fierce dog appears and after she finished it with the carousel of thoughts she said no way .... let's go on safe way”.

In my opinion we should see the life as a trip, with experiences that teach us something. We meet people that teaches us how to do or how we want to be and people who teaches us how we don`t want to do and how we don`t want to be.

So inhale, exhale and try to risk more ... because difficult roads lead us to beautiful destinations.

Do you have a story to tell me? Comment below and let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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