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How makeup journey start

I start to be interested in makeup and cosmetics in my 8th grade. As a teenager I experimented all kind of issues with my hormones, skin, weight and all those annoying steps that all of us been through it. Looking back now, i figure out that nobody told me what to do or how to face these problems. I had acne and totally hate it. So I start to try all kind of products.

Tried cleansers, lotions, oils, gel, mousse, creams, scrubs, toners, sprays, face masks, face exfoliators, serums and so on. You got it, I was putting on my face no matter what, only thinking that something will be good and make the acne disappear. Some products were working, some not, I had some periods ok and some periods not ok at all.

After a time, my hormones calm down (probably those little bastards were thinking ohhh yeaah guys we ruined her life, let`s think at other damages) and my skin start to be ok. I say ok because I never had that clean, nice, perfect skin … and probably never I will so I just get used to live with this.

Despite my ok skin, I was curios to try cosmetics and especially makeup products, because foundation was hiding the damage from acne and those little red spots, I could have some eyebrows, because I was shaping too much and definitely feel more confident.

It was a little silly girlsh stuff that I was doing and never thought one day i`ll say ok, let`s try it as a career. Sometimes, when my friends were going to events were asking me to do their makeup and around 19 years old, I had a boyfriend that was hairstylist and he told me that I can do this as a job. I was thinking at this but doing nothing. I choose to went at university and work in other domain.

Actually for many years I almost forget about this but I told me that one day i`ll go at a course.

I went ... after 8 years

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