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How i hydrate intense my hands and feet

Who doesn't like hydrated hands and feet? That feeling of silk, freedom, relief, clean skin?

Bring them on, baby!

Sometimes i feel i have very dry skin on my feet and very dehydrated skin on my hands. Is like no matter how much cream i use, seems like it doesn`t help me.

So i start to think what i can do to achieve that baby skin and i discovered some stuff that works for me. First of all i am scrubbing my skin and make sure that all my dead celuls are gone and i have a very soft skin.

In the past i was using coffee as a scrub, but now i discovered a scrub from -417, very very good, contains Precious Dead Sea Mineral Complex and it`s absolutely fab. The good part is that my skin remains somehow hydrated, soft and a bit oily but in a good sense. From coffee i don`t have the same result. And other scrubs that i used rarely and i don`t even remember their name, hadn`t this effect.

After scrub, i put on some olive oil and loooooot of cream. After i put the cream, on my feet i use some plastic bags, those standards for kitchen, then i put socks. For my hands, i use gloves from latex. In this way the extremities will sweat and will receive more cream and will be more softer.

I am doing this whenever i feel my skin dry, sometimes i keep them some hours and i`m good, sometimes i am doing this several consecutive days.

I saw on internet feet gloves, i never tried but looks interesting, maybe i`ll order and i`ll write about them. And in the past i tried Parasoftin Exfoliating Foot Treatment socks and i really recommand them.

If you tried any good scrub, cream for hands / feet or any suggestions about gloves or anything, please let a comment below. Let`s learn from each other and make a better world!


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