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Find your power

So, because always i`ve been interested in spiritual and psychological facts and believed in therapy and personal development, for sure lots of people thought about me that i am crazy or insane. But i think this is just me and this is my lifestyle.

So, because i know some of my readers share the same ideas as mine, i made this chapter called „Find your power”, where i want to share with you some of my visions and recommand some books, movies or activities that helped me and inspired me.

Also, because i know there are readers who don`t believe in this, i just want to show you another perspective. Because sometimes people judge what they don`t understand, i`d like to tell you my opinion and hear your opinion back.

I know how a little thing can change your mood, inspire you or just make you have that click, so this is about here .... to find your power in almost everything.

Don`t worry, is not like i want to convert you at a sect or something .. i just want to look around you and maybe make you think out of the box. And that`s why i am asking you to share your ideas, because never know what can bring the magic and the new perspective in your and my life.

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