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Keep calm & Drink water!

I know you heard lot of time this advise, but i`ll tell you again: drink water. Drink it for your health, body, organs and skin.

10 years ago, my ex boyfriend came home and told me: my boss has started a diet with water. In the morning, on empty stomach, he`s drinking plenty of water and he feels how the water is helping his body and organs. I thought is very interesting, but i didn`t start to drink plenty of water at that moment, just i stored the information in my head.

The time passed and i start to understand how important is water, read articles, see advertising on tv and so on. I made a habit and every morning when i wake up i go and drink 2 glass of water. Every day, no matter where i am, what i do, those 2 glasses of water are always present.

I recognise i have periods and periods, sometimes i drink lot of water, sometimes i don`t know if i reach the standard of 2 litres. The idea is that i observe the benefits of drinking water and how it helps me to have a nice skin and hydrated lips. I have dehrydated oily skin and my lips are always chapped, but water really helped me to solve this problem. Of course i also use scrub, lip balm and i take care of my lips external, but water really help my body from the inside out.

So, girls, start drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, because if you`re dehydrated you`ll be able to see this on your face. And we want to have a nice, healthy, glowy face. Next, be sure to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and use sun protection.

So, usually a person needs like 8 glasses of water a day, but in summer time have to increase up to 10 glasses. You lose a lot of fluid through sweating, so you have to put it back.

A person with oily skin should drink all the time 10 glasses of water and people with dry skin can improve their skin and fight the dryness if start to drink more water. Also, studies regarding the water content of oily and dry skin, had the same result.

Water will help you prevent further cellulite, help you mantain the skin moisture and get rid of toxins. If you drink a coffee or have an alcoholic drink, you should have an extra glass of water, to prevent further dehydration.

If you don`t like plain water or you have moments when you`d like to feel another taste, you can squeeze a lime, lemon, orange, grapfruit and change the taste. Also, you can take a infuser water bottle that have a special recipient inside and put there strawberries, apples, peaches, cucumber, lovage, mint.

If you tried any recipe or you have any suggestions about this subject, please let a comment below. Let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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