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Book recommendation - Women who love too much by Robin Norwood

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

According to Wikipedia – „Women Who Love Too Much is a self-help book by licensed marriage and family therapist Robin Norwood published in 1985. The book, which was a number one seller on the New York Times Best Seller list's "advice and miscellaneous" category in 1987, is credited with "spawn[ing] a cottage industry in the therapy community."” (source:

I read this book in 2020 and i love it. I think every woman should read it and should think at all the relationships in her life.

I enjoy to read this kind of books, written by therapists with real stories and comments about how people can see and feel sometimes and read this kind of „study case” at the end of every story. My parents divorced when i was 10 years old and even they have a nice relationship, i had trouble getting over it and i realised that all my relationships were not so good because i had some unsolved issues from my childhood.

So probably that`s it why i liked this book soooo much and if you had some issues in your life / childhood i think this will help you and make you have some new perspectives, but anyway i think this is for every woman interested in how relationships works, in her personal development and how our mind can perceive stuff sometimes.

As a summary of this book i can tell you there are lots of stories of different women who went on therapy and discussed their issues with parents, family, partners and so on and how they felt and saw the whole situation and then are explanations from therapist and how their life changed after applied the advices from therapy and after they healed.

I had lots of moments while reading this book, when i just put the book down and i was thinking at my life and how me or others reacted in some situations and i had a carousel of thoughts many time.

Really helped me with my visions, perceptions, feelings and i can say this is one book that touched my soul and changed a part of me.

I read this book in romanian, but i searched the english version and you can find it here:

If this article made you curious and you`ll read this book, please share below your opinion / life story, let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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