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Book recommendation - Start with why by Simon Sinek

This is my first article about a book written by Simon Sinek and i really want to talk about him to you because is such an inspiration for me.

All started during the pandemic with Covid because i was bored in the house, i started looking at old pictures from school and search for my colleagues on facebook. I found a colleague of mine that moved at 15 years old in France and made a business school and had such an interesting discussion about entrepreneurship. At that moment i was stuck with my business plans and my ideas and he recommended me to watch some videos on Youtube with Simon and for me has been love at first sight.

I let you the links here if you want to watch. For me, Simon is such an inspiration and motivates me to be a better person for me, for people around me, for my business and also to inspire others to be a better version of themselves.

1 – Start with why -

2 - How great leaders inspire action -

3 – Why good leaders make you feel safe -

4 – Why leaders eat last -

5 – Change your future -

So back to the book, Simon supports the idea that great leaders inspire action, don`t manipulate people and they start with the answer WHY i am doing what i do.

Is presented The Golden Circle, that starts with why, how and what. The main purpose is to think from the inside out.

The principle of this circle is linked to how our brain works and the why & how circles coexist to the limbic brain, which controls our feelings and decision making, but don`t have the capacity for language – this is the reason we find so hard to explain our feeling.

The what circle corresponds to the neocortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for rational thoughts and language.

So when you communicate from why, you are talking directly from the part of brain which controls decision making and more than that, from limbic brain are coming the „gut decisions”.

I let Simon`s website here and also i recommend you to join SimonSinek FanGroup on Facebook.

I read this book in romanian, but i searched the english version and you can find it here:

If this article made you curious and you`ll read this book, please share below your opinion / life story, let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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