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Book recommendation - Heart To Heart (The Art Of Communication) by Nancy L. Van Pelt

I remember when i buyed this book. I was at the seaside and was a stall with books on the way to the beach, i stopped and i glanced at all books over there and my instinct told me to choose this one. To be honest took me some years to read it, was staying in my library till one day when i sayed ok, let`s read it.

I liked this book because is describing many ways of communication between you and your partner and makes you think that even we live in this period of time when the knowledge is easy to find, we have access to information and we should be more open and make our lives easier, actually we don`t pay so much attention to stuff that are really important in our existance and relationships.

For me was a nice lecture and made me think at the art of communication, patience, empathy and relationships. I think we can apply the informations from this book every time we speak, with anybody, is not only for how to communicate with partner.

It made me think a bit at situations in my life, when I had poor communication, i revalued my speaking, words and how to do it better. I also recognised many aspects written here, in the behavior of the people around.

I read this book in romanian, but i searched the english version and you can find it here:

If this article made you curious and you`ll read this book, please share below your opinion / life story, let`s learn from each other and make a better world!

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