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About cleaning your face

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Makeup is now, skin care is forever. I think I can consider this, one of my mottos.

I can say that skin care is one of my biggest lesson that I learnt from my makeup journey and probably one of the biggest good habit a woman can have. First of all I want to suggest you to clean, clean and clean your face. Is very important to do this, even if you didn`t put any product on your face. We should clean our face in the morning and night and in my opinion anytime during daytime, if we feel that our face is asking for this.

There is so much pollution and our skin is fighting with this daily. This is the reason that first step at a makeup session is to clean the face. Lots of girls are saying “I don`t have nothing on my face or I cleaned my face home”. That`s very good but from your home till makeup studio, you went outside in pollution and for sure some dust was seated on your face.

When I had 20 years old, I recognize I had periods when I was doing my makeup on Monday and clean my face on Sunday (not cool!!!). Because I have dehydrated oily skin, I never had that perfect skin, I always had sebum, some redness spots, large pores, blemishes and pimples. This made me obsessed about makeup products, foundation in special and I was trying all the time to cover my face.

When I started my makeup courses, I realized how important is to clean my face and I made a routine from this and after only some days, I realized my skin looks better. Only because I was cleaning my face, I started with this and after I just added serums, creams and others.

So, girls, cleaning your face is so important, I understood this on my own skin (literally) and now I am saying this to everybody and i`d like to challenge you to make an experiment.

Buy a cleaner and clean your face everyday for 2 weeks. Then come here and let a comment about how this works. Let`s learn from each other and make a better world!


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